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Betta fish care disease

I want to start with the following statement: you have an accurate diagnosis before treatment. You can make the situation of fish even worse if incorrect curing disease. Drugs are chemicals and even though it is no cure, there were more or less make the fish under stress (not to mention the stress caused by the disease) so you should only take medicine when absolutely necessary. You put the fish in a well light and observed pathological manifestations such as white spots with sand or patches of white wool. These are very specific symptoms from which you can apply the appropriate treatment.

The first step in diagnosis is to monitor how care and feeding. These often result in fish health problems:

  • Keep clean water, regular water changes.
  • Always remove the chlorine in tap water or to wreak before use.
  • Vases fish as large as possible.
  • Keep the water temperature above 21 degrees C.
  • Water used instead should have the same temperature as the old water (to avoid personal shock).
  • Do you eat fish several times a day, each time for how much and what to eat foods. Change a variety of healthy fish food will do, if only to eat a frozen food (pellet), will be weak or sick fish swim bladder.

These are the potential factors that can create a strong and agile fish or a fish sickness and drowsiness.

After examining the manner in which your personal care, hope that you will identify the disease may arise where and timely adjustments before it happens. Individuals may have some disease, so you learn for next time not committed.

Everyone applying different treatments for the same disease. Some work, some do not know the result is a completely incorrect. You may have to close your eyes using a certain drug and cured fish. But in fact, if you do not check and careful diagnosis before treatment for the individual, then you just happened to get lucky when properly used drugs needed only. Before you can accumulate enough experience needed, you simply MUST depends on the knowledge of others. That’s why I built the cure for Bettas here: it is a research project and share information to help people in the betta health issues.

What happens when your fish suddenly looks weak, but you can not detect any external symptoms? Then you have to do?

For example, words like this: into this:

Common diseasen in betta fish

In most cases I recommend that you should never try to treat the symptoms not the cause. However, Bettamax (not be confused with Bettafix and the Melafix!) Are often used as drugs “general treatment” also resulted in a number of cases. It contains a variety of drugs and vitamins. I do not recommend using the drug combination like this, but sometimes it is useful for cases of unknown causes and the case should be treated early because the fish look unusual but not show symptoms specific diseases: such as loss of color, loss of appetite, lethargic. In other words, should the treatment after understanding and more accurate decision making is just blindly great.

  • Antibiotics should be used properly to prevent the formation of drug-resistant bacteria due to the use of inadequate doses. Five days is the minimum period of treatment with antibiotics, lasting more than a week, the better.
  • If you can not determine the cause of the disease, individual isolation in private treatment (and change the water every day) to track time. This does not fish well but definitely not the status of individual currencies.
  • After you have identified the cause, you can treat the fish in accordance with the method. Refer to the corresponding fish diseases to find cures for your fish.

And now, you can refer to the information and pictures below to determine what your fish get sick and how they are treated.