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Betta fish, Betta fish care, Betta care

Here is a simple way to keep your betta fish always healthy

Do’nt eat too many

Stomach tiny betta, just by eye eyeball it, so if we disregard them too much will be counterproductive. Having indigestion, our young fighters will be mostly faint severe disease as bloating, bubbles infections, constipation, and very permanent” know” who tried to spoil. Should only eat fish in moderation, if you eat fresh food, such as worms: every day we can still splitting into 3 times and each time only 4-5 worms, so one day the fish will to 15 the earthworm, compared, there are more poor little with the eyeball. If dry food 4 food each day and also to share about the food into meals, feeding each a bit.

Who knows that it’s not just the betta fish, one of the most pleasant time during feeding. In the wild bettas eat pretty much in a meal, but you should not envy them, because bettas in the wild to find my food should” be eating dinner that we have to eat a lot to the stored for a long time, you just think about ‘energy’ (fat) of the bears would be easier to understand than, bettas are similar. reload betta house is much more ‘happy’ because just bending the daily amount of food people also make the mouth, according to her, half difference, if we feed the fish have enough to eat every time the fish very susceptible as above, even if fish eat little but more (a lot), the fish quickly and hypertrophy final destination is only for personal illness, the antibody blocked hypertrophy and slow walk as weight increases. wild foods enriched with worms, also threw larva, maggot  and even fry (young fish home stray people ).

Both fasting one day a week

7 days a week, I think it fast meal its OK, I still do that to my kids home but also not nothing betta not alone, apply for of mine hanging betta fish .Choose a day it will help them consume nutrients accumulate in a week” no say when it will be a little easier, of course they will be hungry, but you do not softened that drop food like me. I see it this, feeding all that to look sick a breakfast ball also see it at all, how sick are in short days, is not it, but the stored energy mind consumed dikha this, his game tips : if sharks so that weak then the doctor time to wait, then pull the cover out of them see each other if the ‘fat’ does not add, change opponents for them, because sometimes they look forever ‘scene’ also bored (such as drought), consuming more and more energy mobilization.

Extensive menu  as should not abuse

Take everyday foods we should dish because I eat occupied a short while … change gull them as mosquito larvae, leaf worms, the larvae of ants, atemia  and food too, caution is still out, so we flip through salt solution (according to her) because it equally not only worms, also threw on the amount of disease. With nutrient-rich foods such as worms,  limited only to eat than worms because it is easier to disease, blood fat worms again  or dry food.

Note” Feng Shui around the house Bettas

Beautiful furniture is the number one priority, a branches smooth rong, or a mysterious cave cooling stones .. It is the how our get betta heart of and the shipping was also decorated to highlight human main character. course water flow problems posed first. comfortable temperature for betta is 21 degrees. Next is external, you do not think it’s just looking, it is also noted outside to the outside there, bettas also like to observe that the outside world, so should not put fish in sight, dark, too ‘ ‘concrete’ are so boring, preferably where there are few green leaves like also restrict fish stress …