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Commom fungal disease in betta fish 01

Common fungal diseases in betta fish

Currently on the Board of the aquarium often see the topics on diseases of betta fish, many of which are deadly dangerous fungal diseases of betta fish, damage to the aquarium. Please share with your readers some information about this disease. Fungal infection is a common disease common in tropical fish. Because the spores of the fungus is found in the aquarium, these spores will enter and infect fish when the fish are stressed (stress), injury or disease. Poor water quality can cause increased fungal infections on fish in the tank.

Most farmers recognize the signs of a fungal infection from the outside. Most of the lesions are white (smooth, hairy) characterized and commonly referred to as “cotton wool disease cotton wool disease“. When fish severe fungal infections, yeast infections can trace grayed out, even red.

But fortunately, most of the fungus only attacks on the outside of the betta fish tissue and the fungus usually occurs when fish become infected before or wounded, and that explains why the betta fish gets mushrooms need to second part of the treatment. It is just to treat wounds, enhance the health of individuals, combined with fungal treatment. However, there are several species of fungi will infect the internal organs of the fish and then will affect fish health without timely intervention. Fungi are present in most of the aquarium, but to increase the infection conditions for fish in the tank include:

  • Poor quality of the water tank.
  • Poor tank hygiene.
  • Dead fish in the tank or the decomposition of organic matter in the tank.
  • Personal injury, older individuals or individuals with other diseases.

The aquarium is often a fungal infection to be checked and thoroughly cleaning the tank, water purification systems, water quality. The tank water quality is good, the fish rarely mushrooms.

Some common fungal disease in fish include:

  • Fungus cotton wool – Cotton wool disease:

Cotton wool fungus disease is a general term used to refer to the fungus infection on the skin, fins and fish’s mouth. The white fungus (looks like cotton) usually develop in the areas where fish have been infected before, where the parasite attacked and injured betta fish. These pathogenic fungi often the Saprolegnia and Achyla species. Many other fungi can cause disease and sometimes can find many types of fungi cause disease in fish.

To treat this disease, we can bathe in salt water or use of antifungal drugs containing phenoxyethanol. In some cases the need to treat all the fish in the tank, but if you have some sick individual may own these individuals to treatment. The use of antifungal and antibacterial containing Gentian Violet to apply the stain fungi to betta fish is also a good choice of treatment.

Bring rot – rot Gill:

This fungal disease is not common, but when sick, very dangerous for betta fish and betta fish die if not treated. When infected with this fungus, betta fish abnormal respiratory signs such as breathing air rush to get. The motor bearing and leaves stuck together by mucus and on the appearance of spots. The cause of this disease is due to mushrooms Branchiomyces, can take to rot away. This disease usually occurs when fish are stressed that the main reason is high ammonia or nitrate in the tank. When fish get sick, the treatment is difficult and often unsuccessful. In some cases, can be cured by bathing phenoxyethanol in the long run and increase the amount of oxygen in the tank. So good aquarium care regime is best measures to prevent this.

  • Fungal infections – Systemic fungal infections:

Fungal infections in tropical fish disease is very rare and is generally very difficult to diagnose and treat. As a result, there is not much knowledge about this disease. A fungus can cause infection this is Icthyophonus. Infected fish very weak, swimming, activities and significantly less food. Betta fish live in water less and fickle susceptible to this disease. However, the disease can be successfully treated by bathing and soaking the fish in blue malachit drugs.

common fungal disease s in betta fish 02

Most farmers aquarium or are faced with fungal infections when this is not the other. Most fungal diseases are successfully treated if detected early and treated properly. There is an obvious thing everyone knows is developing fungi or when fish have poor health, or injury, particularly the aquarium care less. So when your betta fish fungal infection, then you check the quality and make sure that the water in your tank is good, safe and natural for your betta fish farming.