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How to treat white spot disease in betta fishWhite spot disease Or bowler infections diseases-white dot, Ich Ichthyophthirius multifiliis).


White spot disease, parasites reside beneath the skin of the betta fish. They produce white spots like grains of salt or sand covered the betta fish’s body. Betta fiish can by jerkiness and try scanning into the body in the lake. The disease can be serious, but fortunately it is easy to diagnose and treat. Parasites develop very quickly disease detection and timely treatment is extremely important. Care must be noted that even if the white spots disappear, does not mean that the pathogen was completely destroyed.

We continue to live and grow in their country even leaving betta fish. That is why we need to raise the temperature of cold water because if so, it may take several weeks to the growth cycle of the parasite is completed! You should continue treatment for at least a week to betta fish kill parasitic pathogens (if cold water to be longer). Parasites on the fish very difficult to eradicate, the drug only works in the larval stage in the growth cycle of the parasite, as soon as they mature, they will immediately attack the fish.


Increase the water temperature to shorten the growing cycle of the parasite (21 – 27 degrees C, 32 degrees C fish may be infertile. Should start with 29 degrees C and decreased gradually as the disease displacement reduction). Salt bath is effective removing parasites. Salt water parasites leave the fish treatment and fell into the lake, so when old betta fish on the lake, there are no longer parasitic! Chemicals containing copper salt as Coppersafe or Aquarisol also very effective treatment.

There are drugs to cure white spots can be found in the LFS but you should remember that the stronger the individual drugs as stress. Malachite green is not recommended for use for catfish as catfish, Betta fish chạch and the other fish such as tetras. Treatment of 4 waves, each wave lasting 3-4 days, about 50% water changes before each treatment. Continue treatment for two weeks to ensure that all parasites are killed off. Remember, only drug effect on larvae of the parasite or about the first 3 days of their growth cycle. (Note: in Vietnam, commonly used treatment for white spots is methylene blue. Brands available in tablets and liquid circulation in the market. Should read carefully the rate of medication instructions before use because the concentration each type may vary).


Stress and decreased resistance is the cause of pathogen attack and replication on betta fish. Avoid fish are stressed by other causes such as dirty water, the sudden temperature changes, eating too full … Quarantine new fish and plants to ensure that you do not bring germs from outside the tank.

Do not change temperature dramatically lake. Always put new betta fish into the tank bag for about 15 minutes to balance the two temperature before stocking. Remember that, along with water quality, it is a very common cause of betta fish attacked by parasites and pathogens.