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Diseases of Betta fish and treatment

It looks a fish or a small business is experiencing trouble with diseases of fish. As same as normal betta fish patience. And can adapt to the environment as well. If the parties can not always correct the disease. Disease found in fish are rarely severe enough to cause death. Therefore, provided that the parties to the cause. And symptoms of disease prevention and treatment, it can not properly treat fish disease is divided into two phases.

  •  betta fish diseases and treatments 1Separate fish from each patient. If you find one fish. One or more symptoms. Make a fish split off into a new container. To await further treatment. The materials used to isolate the sick fish. Should be cleaned. Or sterilized after every use. Including cleaning the organs of the party. To prevent the spread of disease to other ponds.


  •  betta fish diseases and treatments 2Disease and the treatment. After sorting out the sick fish. Consider a fish. By the appearance will look like. Cause of anything. And how to treat it. well as how to prevent the disease. When I was planning further treatment.




The disease is often found in fish, there are many diseases together. The disease often causes vary. Some diseases can be caused by bacteria. Some diseases caused by fungi. Some diseases may be caused by external parasites. Therefore, we should recognize the importance of these diseases is.

  • betta fish diseases and treatments 3Erysipelas disease disease contagious soon only take 2 -3 days to contact meCharacteristic symptom is pain at the base of the ears and tail fin, ventral fin wound would look like a red bruise. And a fluffy white lines. Scales of the fish is inflated. Diseased fish will float on the surface.protection, immediately spoon the fish is cut off immediately. The remaining fish to the dry grass Sai recently put in a pond. Large enough to make the water dark. And a little vague. Soak fish for about 5-7 days.similar fermented fish. Lesions on the fish and then let it go with the fish in the aquarium. Or claim to the grassy Tri little new. I make a tea. Fish culture is gradually strengthened and healed
  • Organ disease is a disease that is incurable. The black fish mouth disease is not to bite. This is because the fish mouth in a fight. If the mouth of the fish I could not fight the enemy.symptoms. The black fish mouth disease. The upper lip is thick irregular edges. And a blackrose steadily. protection even if black mouth disease is a disease that is not fatal. However, this disease is still incurable. So when the fish were fed diseased organ to shovel away because otherwise I will not bite one another by this disease.
  • Canker is a serious disease, a type of fish. This disease is incurable. So if the fish are biting canker is sorted out. Symptoms. From the mouth ulcers and white line looks a little flaky. Fighting the disease. mouth sores are not usually swim and float around the surface. protection. Because the disease is incurable. If the fish is disease should be immediately sorted out.
  • Disease dropsy is a disease that can lead to the mistaken impression that fish fish pregnant. The belly of the fish bite will swell out. Ascites may be caused by the fighting infection and inflammation in the gut. symptoms. Fish has grown due to the infection within the abdomen and the stomach size abnormal protection. Go to some good use out 1 teaspoon of salt mixed with 1.5 liters of water and then dip the     betta. 1-2 days the symptoms abated.
  • Disease fish tropical fish disease are tremor. Caused by water contaminated with bacteria, dirt and more. Or the temperature of the water changes rapidly symptoms. Fish with this disease will have symptoms shivering and swimming unusual protection to the water used by the fish to the new water temperature must not differ. Of water in the aquarium pets too. Then add salt to the water to fish ratio of 2 teaspoons salt to 5 liters of water to kill bacteria in the water a little. To decline.
  • Diseases caused by fungi. Usually, the fungus is not the real cause of the disease. Cause the fish to get hurt like that. Puikaw like cotton in the vicinity of the disease. Depression does not have a swimming fish stop eating fish pale protection. Using malachite green concentration from 0.1 to 0.25 ppm. Fort Lee with the 25 parts per million. frozen fish for 3 days.
  • Betta fish diseases and treatments 5Disease tail and fin rot. The disease is always found. Caused by water-contaminated feed. And deposition of sediment or debris is left on the bottom of the pond. Make a collection of disease symptoms. Fish and fins will rot and then gradually spread into the fish. This disease is caused from bacteria. So, if this disease is to fin fish are. The fish are not damaged.

protection. Using antibiotics to treat 1,000 liters of water in a ratio of 1-2 g per fish for about 2-3 days of antibiotics were used Oxy Tetra Josiah Clinton nitro Furano zone etc.