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Actually, it is easy to raise betta there are several steps that must be taken to an advanced a successful breeder. Here’s betta fish breeding step by step from betafishzidan :

Prepare the container as below

Breeding betta fish step by step in Bettafishzidan

Fill with water with a height of about 8-12cm

Betta fish breeding 2

Fill with water plants such as water hyacinth, leaves ketapang, or other plants (which use to hold the foam to make it hard stud issued destroyed

Breeding betta fish 3

Select Males and females

  • Females should not have a body that is much larger than the males
  • Females should not be more fierce than males
  • If possible marriage of male and female that type. crowntail> <crowntail, Halfmoon>

Example fry Age 16 days, 24 days, and 2 months + +
Breeding betta fish 4
Breeding betta fish 5
Breeding betta fish 5