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Betta fish diseases

The various diseases that are frequently encountered in maintaining betta fish are as follows:

White spot disease

White spot disease

This is very common among hobbyists Hickey, the characteristics of this disease like fins bent (not broken), hickey often swim banging body to container, and if we look more observant on the body There hickey rash small white and will be numerous if not immediate prevention. As a result  Betta fish appetite dropped dramatically. The disease is caused by microorganisms carried from natural food and live in the water  with a low pH.

For  treatment can use drugs Blitz microorganisms such as anti-Inch (but should not be mixed-mixed). Provision of anti-microorganism must attention doses are usually listed on the packaging. Each day during the treatment of water should always be replaced with water new and given anti microorganisms again until betta fish completely healed.

Edema disease

Disease edema caused by feeding less clean in the processsterilization at natural food usually comes from silk worms. The characteristics of this disease is the belly of the fish and its scales bulge look up and the fish do not remove dirt. How to swim

Betta fish were seen floating on the surface of water more often. For treatment is to let the fish betta fasting during  approximately three days in order to remove dirt hickey while (sorry) bowel movements. To support health during hickey fasting is a necessary replacement of old water with a water-rich dissolved oxygen (water is aerated before). After less fasted for three days more betta fish can be fed a little by little else.

The fins appear to be bent, uneven and become curly.

Fin curly caused by various factors such as dirty water because it is rare replaced, the temperature is too low or the food factor. Due to fin Curly is betta fish become less and less unsightly authoritative ^ ^. In my experience the fin curl more due due to the imbalance of feed given to the hickey early.

Provided that natural feeding as I mentioned aboveperformed alternately early age or when betta start about a month more (not giving feed monotonically eg betta only eat water fleas only), undoubtedly 95% had no betta fish fin curl. Besides that giving fish vitamins also support the development of body brightness and color when Hickey was growing up.

Bite own tail

Bite tails that occur as a result of not feeding Betta fish regularly so as to cause a famine. There is also a result of bacteria and microorganisms that live on dirty water and turbid. Besides the stress of captivity is too too narrow can both lead to biting its own tail betta. For that is to a regular feeding every morning and afternoon and always changing diet. Then by replacing routine water is cloudy, and put hickey that had bite tail in a larger container with a little algae or water plants.

Infection of wounds on the body of fish

Wound betta fish on the body can occur due to various factors such as fish jumped and hit the pool wall, error removal or take fish, can also be due to fighting or because of other factors from outside. Injuries to the body of the fish will generally heal by itself, but what we worry about is an infection caused by the parasite attached. To anticipate this could be using salt fish in container dissolved in water pisciculture. Betta Fish are injured separated and left the container and conditions replaced the water every day while dissolving salt fish taste (about 2 tablespoons to 0.5 liter of water. Salt fish can also be replaced with anti microorganisms such as flash-inch.


Though worms betta fish is a natural food, but do not close the likelihood Betta fish exposed to intestinal worms. It can viewed from a betta fish waste, if the dirt is always destroyed and white and sometimes dirt trailing on (sorry) where Betta fish waste disposal, it could be a symptom or intestinal worms. For the treatment can be given anti- worm like worm-x and drug administration must take a dose on the packaging. To speed up the healing process should be over betta fish treatment period were as fed dry pellet small or dried worms, because there are usually on feed packaging  treatment that maintain fish health :).