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Betta fish food

This is food that is usually given for a betta fish. In addition to the needs of the fish itself also useful for keeping aggressive and preventing illness. This  seven Types of betta fish food 

Mosquito larvae

Betta fish feed

Who does not know of mosquito larvae?

Mosquito larvae can be found easily in ponds or ditches a channel obstructed or dirty water and solid waste as well be on a puddle of water contained in such garbage cans, etc., even in the bathtub can also be no mosquito larvae. I recommend mosquito larvae as the main feed for the betta because mosquito larvae contains a lot of protein is good for betta fish. If the cupanger having problems in finding mosquito larvae do not worry, because I still have another recomendasi for betta fish hobbyist.

Frozen red blood worms (red worms Frozen)

betta fish feed

Frozen Red Blood Worms (red worms Frozen) is another food that can be ingested by fish hickey. Besides the food is easily digested by Hickey, the food is also easy to get in the store .

way too easy presentation, before being given to the betta fish, we take according to the serving size that we give to the hickey, then we dip it into the water that we fill in plastic cups in order to melt a small chunk of ice stuck to the red worms and to relieve cold so easily consumed by worms betta fish and it also minimizes us to keep the water clean and not dirty quickly. when its not cold anymore, then the worm is ready to be given to us hickey.

Red water worms (silk worm)

betta fish feed

Well one betta fish food is very good to accelerate growth and establish betta fish into a perfect shape. type of food that one is a type of natural foods in addition to mosquito larvae. Well behind these advantages, it has the disadvantage of silk worms that make the water dirty fish to be faster than usual try before giving this food to our betta fish, it would be nice to be rinsed first betta fish can avoid the attack of stomach diseases like the betta fish.

Steam Egg 

The food is basically just aimed at children betta fish alone but it is also a food that can be given to an adult betta.






betta fish feed

Still on food aimed at chicks betta fish. Egg yolks are given to children who have a hickey was about 4 days after hatching as a meal replacement when it is difficult to get water fleas.



Water fleas

betta fish feed

Betta fish hobbyist must know this one right?

Water fleas are the best food given to chicks that have hatched betta after about 4 days. betta fish besides also grown so well liked athlete was also given to the adult betta fish. Water fleas have very much protein is needed by the puppies hickey therefore I highly recommend if chicks betta given water fleas as possible, and if it does not exist, then use alternative food I’ve written before that steam egg or egg yolk ( Yolk)


betta fish feed

Artemia is a last feed material information that I can give to my blog readers. Giving artemia to betta be in accordance with the dose and not too much because it can cause death in betta fish. Artemia is the habitat of living things in the sea, so before giving betta fish we eat artemia, try in advance to rinse the salt content is not too much.

Hopefully the information I gave was enough to help the readers on my blog, and I thank you for stopping by my blog site do not forget to like us on facebook too ya!! Greetings betta fish mania!