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Betta fighting fish

How is the form of the best betta fish fighter ? As the best fighter is the sum of all three types mentioned above. That means the best fish must have a rounded body like a snake. It also has a thick neck and body, such as checkered and swim as fast as a real slice. In general, the structure of the body to balance. The size of the head and the tail must have the appropriate rate. Each body part is not too big or too small. Length of the head by about 1/3 the length of the body so the betta fish are not too long or too short. Fish is too long or too short for its motion imbalance.

The betta fish in the general shape of all three types of typical fighter with balanced body structure. It has fins and thick, head and body with a form of a snake’s mouth. It must be to the bone that retains its shape when immersed in water is equal to dry within a month. However, individuals have perfect shape does not mean that it will definitely be a winner in the fight. It has many advantages over simply to win the competition only.


The purpose of individual assessment is to test the suitability of the fish prior to training and then go play. There are two assessment steps should be taken:

  1. Physiological assessment to know your child’s maturity level and ensure that fish do not have a disability.
  2. Psychological assessment for the degree of boldness of fish.

Physiological assessment: maturity of the fish is the first thing to consider before bringing personal trainer. The following parts of the fish should be in turn to check include: Mouth-gill-Eye-States – Scales – Meat and overall body structure.

Mouth: is considered to be the most important part of the fighter because it is used as a weapon to attack the opponent. If the mouth has a problem, fish hard to win. When fish attack and hurt the opponent, also means that it is self-injuring his mouth. Furthermore, mouth to eat with your nose so if oral seriously injured, often leads to the individual is overwhelmed and defeated. So we often see fish just pretend to attack and then go back to defensive status. The following are types of oral defects that we should not choose fish mouth so to take away the stone:

  • Mouth deformed
  • Mouth closed
  • Cleft lips
  • Mouth hooked or pricked
  • Mouth consistent
  • Mouth rough

This fish has a closed mouth, lips pursed and also distorted. Fish have a closed mouth good and sticking out a little bit.

Take and bearing cap: a parts supply fish to breathe air. Another important function of the gill arch to intimidate opponents. It is a sign to show off the power. According to the rules of the ring, any fish can puff all offers are considered more dominant than even it more seriously injured. Therefore, the fish were slightly injured but not puff can bring can be considered lost. If you wear problem, the fish can not tolerate long and easy to run. Operculum must be neat and in place. Gill surface must be smooth. It can open and close easily and do not be entangled. The sticky bearing is considered to be the weakest part in the fish and must be neatly below the operculum. If it fails, the opponent may be biting off. In normal conditions, provides motion to puff gently when fish breathe so if it moves in a hurry, the fish proved that matter abnormalities in the respiratory system. No stone should bring such fish. The following are several types of bearing defects:

  • Bring deformed
  • Wear closed
  • Bring all the way can not puff out
  • Nep bring protrude.

This fish gill openings. This means allowing the opponent to attack in the way of bringing the most sensitive part of the fish.

Eyes: navigation department. If eye problems, the fish can not see the enemy clearly. Stone fish will slow down immediately if the injured eye. Some even run away when injured eye. Ankle is not blurred and must be in the proper position. We can test the sensitivity of the ankle by moving dark objects such as pencil fish near the bottle. Most healthy fish more flexible, first approached pencil and began to puff bring flaring.

States: as is true of the fish. It is used to control and support the movement of the fish. So if the fish are short so it will move quickly by competitors. States also must be within the appropriate place. It must be sturdy and strong motion. States is not a puppy and must be closed against the body.

Scales: the armor of the fish and is covered by a layer of oil. There are two types of scales, large and small. Both have unique features. Large scales are very hard to peel but once broken, the scales beside also prone to peeling. Small flakes easily broken but the scales are not much affected side. No matter what kind of scales, it must also be scheduled on a regular basis. The scales are arranged side by side and look neat. Color scales are as dark as possible, as this shows that fish oil in good condition.

Meat: the original of and helped scales are solid. So if the fish meat to make and lots of muscle, very sure. Fish meat must be very hard to hurt or wound does not spread too wide and so individuals do not lose too much blood. Rigid muscles associated by many factors such as genetics, nurturing environment, food, types of fish, age and training. Fish from the same spawn but was trained by different people may have different quality, both in the form of the body structure. This explains why most of the fighters most comes from the players trained individuals. We can not see how a good fish meat if we do not bring them to class with other children of the same stone. Good flesh wound means that it should not spread and become worse when bitten opponents penetrate the scales. Moreover, it must be able to recover quickly after the game.

General body structure: must be balanced. All external parts have to be strong and balanced. Body is not too long or too short to be able to make the fish swim slow and difficult to rotate back against the opponent.

This is an example of a structure can not be good fish, known as as family silver carp. Fish looks great because body up and a lot of meat but very weak. It is targeted to the most vulnerable. Types of small and curved and pointed snout is easy and disadvantages broke after only a few mouse snout questions. Also visible form is very easy to choke water because the bone is not supported by the large jaw.