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Betta fish care intructions

Betta splendens or betta fish is a beautiful fish with a small form and live in aquatic habitats in Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.

Besides attractive colors, not forgetting a very exotic tail showed ferocity. But did you know how to care for pet betta fish do you have? Here’s how:

  1. Frequently drain the water in the aquarium at least 2-3 days. That’s because the fish love the water clean for perkembangannnya, but it is also a clean fish will always radiate beauty who owned the fish.
  2. Sendimation water first, let alone running water that will be loaded into the aquarium about 2 days, another way to do this is to buy: Bliz Id which you can buy in stores ornamental fish and give as you fill the aquarium.
  3. If the curved fins, it is because the fish are too often playing in the water, so the fish do not often play in the water, get used to insulate between one aquariums with another aquarium but separation was only put half alone (from the upper to the mid section) so it looks just the middle to the bottom.


Hickey ornamental fed naturally as water fleas. Permberian feed 2x a day at 07.00 and 17.00, provide sufficient feed. Too much food is not good especially the cleanliness of the water in the aquarium (feared to settle and decompose on the bottom of the water)

The use of dose, such as a teaspoon can control the amount of feeding. Bottle fed mineral aor hose can also be used for feeding betta. The device is also easy to operate in addition to cheap. Fleas fed water into the bottle and then sprayed one by one into the aquarium. Water fleas that have been frozen in the freezer gift simply by dicuil-chipped.

Mosquito larvae can be given as a distraction once every 2 days, can also be given to the staple food. After all, betta fish aged 1.5 months was able to eat large meals. Cuk (masquito fry) should be taken thatnot bent or older.

There are ways to select choke. Mosquito larvae taken from the gutter or dirty pacifiers are usually mixed with larvae and other animals. Enter the choke into ice water, they will automatically get high, larva will settle to the bottom while the non-choke floated. Cuk will be taken through a fine sieve, then put into a water that has been poured PK, dose 1/2 drops to a bucket size of 15 liters , is to “wake up” choke, choke then washed with water and ready to be served

If the choke hard earned, cutra worms, hair worms or blood worms can also be given, but its consumer sometimes make betta be bloated. Worms should be cleaned repeatedly with clean water before ready to serve


Water treatment is essential in order to stay healthy betta. Change water 50% should be done every day, more and more often replaced water betta fish growth will be faster. Turnover limit water 3 days. The way is to suck the plastic hose.

Water replaced once a week total. Bottle or aquarium washed and then dried so that germs-bacteria die. Another way to kill fungi or bacteria by soaking container with a solution of high-dose PK for 1-2 hours. after it was washed with a clean container and dried.

Too late to change the water causes the disease. Feed residue and dirt that settles in the bottom of betta water can cause diseases such as: white spot, velvet, white edema and defecate.

TREATMENT: Below is a disease caused by a fungus. And, you should immediately do the handling.

  • The attack is characterized by white spots white spots all over its body of the fish. The disease-causing bacteria Ichtyophthirius multifillis.

Put the fish into the water that has been poured with anti-bacterial drugs, such as Blitch Itch, a dose of 4 drops per 4 liters of water.

Include 1 teaspoon salt to the aquarium, or fish entered into the basin that has been spiked with salt, Dosage 2-3 tablespoons per liter. Due to rapid reaction, soaking the fish do not need a long illness. Once dipped directly taken

  • Velvet attacks characteristic ornamental fish fins contract. The cause is parasites Saproglenia sp.

Give anti-bacterial drugs such as Blitch Itch, a dose of 2 drops per 4 liters of water. Then give 4 tablespoons of salt.Enter the fish into the solution for 10 minutes, then the fish moved to four other container with diminishing drug concentrations.

Another way to an anti-bacterial drug delivery, such as Root Fismate or stop. The concentration of 0.3-0.5 ml / min. The fish were left for 30 minutes, after which the fish enter into the water that has been spiked with antibiotics, such as furazolidone, Tetracycline, and Octazin for 2-3 hours. The recommended dose per tablet 250 g dissolved into 20 liters of water.

  • Edema disease characteristics are difficult to detect because of the attacked organs, usually marked with a fish belly bulge visible. The cause bekteri Salmonella sp.

Soak the fish for 1-2 hours in a solution of Flagil 500.

  • White stools caused Ascaris sp. Although no cause of death, but the growth of fish and fish colors inhibited.

Treatment with worming, like Verominox or Worm x, dose 1 drop per 5 liters of water.

Do it for one week the fish will recover.

  • Many other diseases caused by improper maintenance, as cowardly and tail biting. Cowardly marked with a pale color. This condition was caused mainly by contaminated water as well as being too long challenged by other ornamental betta fish are bigger. While the fish are biting tail biting tail marked itself, is due to lack of fish feed, is often challenged, itching because the water is not drained (too dirty).

Although many drugs are found in fish stores, but precautions are better than cure. Treatment carefully and regularly, such as feed and water replacement regularly can prevent disease. One treatment can make the fish “lost” before the match.


Hickey seed placed in separate places by category. Mascot try not mixed with primary colors or color combinations. Uniform size of fish sought. It’s getting betta meet same sex. Tek rare mental betta fish betta fish down at the sight of another larger size and different color.

Hickey ornamental ready to contest to be treated on its own shelf. Feed before the contest varied, other hobbies other way. Commonly used as regular maintenance., But no one gave 1-2 per tail betta Kroto, Total is restricted choke, 5-7 tail every once feeding.

Blood worms are not given to prevent obesity hickey so it looks less healthy and agile. So unfortunately, there are hobbyists who treated fish cupangnya in mineral water.One hour after feeding, bulkhead taken one at a time to train mentally, if deemed less sun room, hickey can be dried for 1.5 hours.

The morning sun and afternoon is better because it is not too hot. Sunlight that is too hot can make betta fish sluggish. Aquariums are not limited to, sekatnya changed its position

For example: a move to the aquarium aquarium b, then the aquarium c. Trying to simply, there is nothing wrong mascot brought closer to the base color, or anything else. Hickey trained Decorative adjacent to the larger size.