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all about betta fish

Betta fish is a freshwater fish native habitat is several countries in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. This fish has a unique shape and character, and tend to be aggressive in defending territory. Among fans, betta fish are generally divided into three categories, namely decorative betta, betta complaints, and wild betta. In Indonesia there is a genuine Hickey, one of which is found in Betta channoides Pampang, East Kalimantan.

Betta fish are one strong fish survive for a long time so that when the fish is placed in a container with a volume of water less and without any air circulation equipment (aerators), these fish can still survive.

Type of betta fish

The variety in terms of shape and color fairly rapidly in the last few generations. Several types of betta known today:

  • Betta pugnax (Forest Betta)
  • Taeniata Betta (Betta Banned)
  • Betta macrostoma (Bruney Beauty)
  • Betta unimaculata (Golden Slender)
  • Betta picta (Painted Betta)
  • Anabantoides Betta (Betta Pearly)
  • Edithae Betta (Betta Brederi)
  • Foerschi Betta (Betta Saphire Purple)

Betta fish in the mouth known as a betta fish breeders that incubate eggs in the mouth, while those below who are relatives betta fish (betta), which builds its nest with foam (bublle nest)

  • Akarensis Betta (Betta Sarawak)
  • Betta coccina (Clorat’s Betta)
  • Betta bellica (Standard’s Betta)
  • Betta tesyae (Peaceful Betta)
  • Betta smaragdina (Emerald Betta)
  • Betta imbelis (Slugger’s Betta)
  • Betta splendens (Siamese Fighting Fish)

Another type of betta fish are known as:

  • Betta albimarginata
  • Betta channoides
  • Betta balunga
  • Betta breviobesus
  • Betta enisae

Hickey ornamental

Hickey ornamental divided into several types, namely:

  • Halfmoon, this type betta fins and tail width and symmetrical like the shape of a half moon. Type Hickey was first cultivated in the United States by Peter Goettner in 1982.
  • Crowntail or serit, hickey type was first cultivated by a farmer who lived in the area hickey West Jakarta, precisely in areas Slipi skitar 1968 [citation needed] (Slipi therefore also called as center ornamental betta fish, its Indonesia) is the main feature that resembles the fins and tail comb so that in the call serit.
  • Double tail (double tail)
  • Halfmoon Plakat
  • Giant (giant hickey), hickey type is the result of cross-breeding between ordinary hickey hickey nature, this type of hickey size can reach 12 cm

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