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Crowntail betta fish care

Crowntail betta fish variety is the favored by hobbyists and enthusiasts world hickey. form a very beautiful, makes the fish lovers specially much betta liked. but, it needs extra care to obtain and maintain quality and performance crowntail betta fish always in order to fit. outline for, to get crowntail betta fish ideal performance with these techniques are often do care associates-farmer associates, remember, to perseverance and consistent

  1. From age 1 month we begin to distinguish between the male and female betta kind of shape this crowntail betta fish. In male fish are usually the colors are brighter and brighter, while the female betta usually looks very ordinary with a more oval shape of the body and the colors are less bright (fade)
  2. At the age of 1 month, respectively chicks betta fish be mixed in one pool as long as the food provided enough for all the fish in it. if we did not already know that Betta fish are carnivorous kind that can also perform cannibalism against each other. or at least the tail or other parts of the body betta fish will be torn or injured. it will ruin the beauty of betta fish types crowntail betta fish this. For this, we used to raise seedlings from the pool to be moved to solitary containers stepping age 2 months.
  3. It would be better if the fish have been aged between 2 to 3 months placed in different containers to avoid damage to the head or other parts of the fish.
  4. Betta fish types crowntail was a little sloppy on the water less clear. so good one week once the water should be changed so as not to make crowntail betta fish on betta fish become curly.
  5. Matter of feed, some fellow breeder suggested that colors and fish health more highly recommended awake crowntail betta fish are given feed the larva (mosquito larvae) and water fleas to the presentation of enough / not too much, because it can endanger the health of Betta if there are remnants of feed in the aquarium.
  6. Supplements are often underestimated, but the effect is much proven that water immersion ketapang dried leaves. I call it “strong medicine hickey” hehehe … influence keeping PH (acidity) of the water proved, rays crowntail betta fish not easily dried and twisted. Still soaking water ketapang leaves remains must be periodically replaced.