Fungal Disease In Betta Fish


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Commom fungal disease in betta fish 01

Common fungal diseases in betta fish

Currently on the Board of the aquarium often see the topics on diseases of betta fish, many of which are deadly dangerous fungal diseases of betta fish, damage to the aquarium. Please share with your readers some information about this disease. Fungal infection is a common disease common in tropical fish. Because the spores of the fungus is found in the aquarium, these spores will enter and infect fish when the fish are stressed (stress), injury or disease. Poor water quality can cause increased fungal infections on fish in the tank. Continue reading


Betta care fish


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Betta fish, Betta fish care, Betta care

Here is a simple way to keep your betta fish always healthy

Do’nt eat too many

Stomach tiny betta, just by eye eyeball it, so if we disregard them too much will be counterproductive. Having indigestion, our young fighters will be mostly faint severe disease as bloating, bubbles infections, constipation, and very permanent” know” who tried to spoil. Should only eat fish in moderation, if you eat fresh food, such as worms: every day we can still splitting into 3 times and each time only 4-5 worms, so one day the fish will to 15 the earthworm, compared, there are more poor little with the eyeball. If dry food 4 food each day and also to share about the food into meals, feeding each a bit. Continue reading

How to make betta fry grow faster


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How to make betta fry grow faster

Each person has a unique perspective on this issue. We saw fish on the list online auction Aquabid or on the website to create your own reputation, that they achieve the perfect beauty when only 2 or 3 months old, and then look to seem frustrating at the child his age as tadpole 4 months and wondering what I was doing wrong. These advantages make your fish grow faster, of course, that you can achieve your breeding goals faster by conducting the next Rice pressed after every 3-4 months instead of 7-8 months. Because most people are attracted to breeding betta fish, specifically because of the combination of colors / patterns their almost unlimited, and proceed to the next generation as quickly as possible is which we most desire. Continue reading