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common antibiotics used for betta fish

The company’s products Mardel not affect biological filtration function. Use antibiotics appropriately: do not stop the treatment earlier in the day, it’s best to last more than seven days.

Some organisms are particularly susceptible to certain drugs so check carefully before use. For example, the catfish species such as catfish, mollusks / snails, fish and plants.

Because most antibiotics kill bacteria and gram-negative bacteria break down nitrogen in the tank should also belong to the gram-negative type of fishing is better for treatment in a private lake instead treat pond.

Unfortunately, the use of an antibiotic sometimes not enough for a number of bacteria that are resistant to certain drugs, some mutations and only killed when high doses of antibiotics. Normally, we can not identify specific individuals infected or they may be infected with more than one type at once! If seen in the few days that the disease is not in remission, replace other drugs. Or can also use broad-spectrum antibiotics that kill both gram negative and gram positive bacteria, such as the drugs neomycin, chloramphenicol, medicine unknown nitrofurazone, antibiotics transdermal unknown is kanamycin sulfate as Kanacyn / K-Mycin or tetracycline. Drugs such as Spectrogram (company Aquatronics) is antibiotics nitrofurazone synthesis and kanamycin ultra wide spectrum used for this purpose.
Gram-positive bacteria are not affected by tetracycline and streptomycin.

Gram-negative bacteria can not be affected by ampicillin, penicillin, erythromycin and Sulfa. Some bacteria are not killed by the usual dose should be titrated higher.
Drugs with Sulfa completely effective treatment of gram-negative bacteria.

The common antibiotics:

Antibacterial (Aquarium Pharmaceuticals companies).

  • Bettamax (company Aquatronics): medicines for the treatment of fish lethargic, stop eating, torn fins, discolored, vitamin deficiency, and fungal infections. Only used for freshwater fish. Subject: betta, seven you and all the fish have fins to. Ingredients: 250 mg of nitrofurazone, methylene blue, pvp, vitamins, salt, Sulfa, methazine, diazine and merazine.
  • Erythromycin: Antibiotic treatment of Gram-negative bacteria and some Gram-positive bacteria and the bacteria causing fin rot, carry diseases and diseases related to molly fish.
  • Spectrogram: ultra wide-spectrum antibiotic to treat red spots, bleeding, loss of viscosity, ruffled scales, infectious disease, foot-and-mouth disease and fungus. For freshwater and saltwater. Do not use for molluscs. Treatment should be used for lake fishing and bathing. Ingredients: nitrofurazone, kanamycin.
  • Tetracycline (company Aquatronics): broad-spectrum antibiotic to treat gram-positive and some gram negative bacteria. Used to treat fin rot, CT fins, swollen eyes, gills, sore on the mouth and body, bloated disease, foot-and-mouth disease and opportunistic infections such as thrush. The disease-related species baby (livebearer) and a betta fish. So strong aeration medication. Work well for some types of diseases caused by the bacteria Aeromonias, Pseudomonas and Mysobacterial.
  • Maracyn (Mardel firm): broad-spectrum antibiotic to treat gram-positive bacteria. Used to treat fin rot, foot and mouth disease, eye swelling, carry diseases and opportunistic infections such as thrush. Ingredients: Erythromycin.
  • Maracyn-Two (Mardel firms): broad-spectrum antibiotic to treat gram-negative infections both outside and inside because it is capable of penetrating the skin. It treat effectively finrot, eye swelling, disease carrying, bloating (abdominal swelling, ruffled scales), septicemia (bleeding wounds or sores on the body), internal infections and diseases opportunities. Effective even when the fish are not fed drug mix. Ingredients: Mincycline hydrochlor.
  • Coppersafe (Mardel firms): a drug containing copper compounds for the treatment of white spot disease, flukes, hookworms, mushrooms, velvet, protozoan diseases caused by bacteria and other parasitic diseases.
  • Aquarisol (firm Aquarium Products): saline water containing copper to treat white spot disease and other infectious diseases.
  • Methylene Blue: fungus treatment is very effective. Against fungal infection for fish eggs. Treatment of white spot disease. Drugs can affect the biological filter function so sick fish should be isolated and treated separately if possible. Can be used as a substitute for Malachite Green for species susceptible to this drug.
  • Malachite Green: used to treat skin parasites and fungal diseases for fish and fish eggs, including fungal water and fungus Achlya mi.
  • Clout (Aquarium Products): drug treatment for parasitic and protozoan infections very effective. Treatment of white spot disease, aquatic that, leeches clinging, flatworms, the single-celled bacteria Epistylis, Trichodina, Hexamita and Tetrahymena, fungi, trematodes, parasitic hookworm make and feet.
  • Maracide: white spot healing and other common parasites.
  • TriSulfa: prevention and treatment of common infectious diseases.
  • Maroxy: treatment of fungus and bacteria.
  • Triple Sulfa (firm Aquarium Pharmaceuticals): broad-spectrum antibiotics to treat the fungal disease, red spot, fin rot, mouth sores, loss of viscosity / color, eye becomes cloudy, betta fish-related diseases and blood infections . Ingredients: sulfamethazine, sulfacetamide, and sulfathiazole.
  • Kanacyn (Aquatronics): treatment of gram-negative and-positive bacterial infections, including bleeding, bloating, fin rot, swelling bearing, ball or ruffled scales, fungal, Vibrio infections, fish TB (tuberculosis), poor health and sores.
  • Super Sulfa (company Aquatronics): anti-bacterial / anti-fungal for the treatment of foot and mouth disease, fin rot, slip viscosity, fungal diseases, diseases related to betta fish and other infectious diseases.
  • Furanace (firm Aquarium Products) antibiotics to treat the fin rot, swelling of the mouth and eyes, cloudy eyes, poor health, infectious diseases, fungal diseases, eye inflammation and other diseases related to betta fish  / tetra. Ingredients: erythromycin.
  • Myacin (company Aquatronics): anti-bacterial / anti-fungal for the treatment of foot and mouth disease, fin rot, slip viscosity, fungal diseases, diseases related to betta fish and other infectious diseases.