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Halfmoon betta fish

Because there are those who will fish Half Moon amount to feel discouraged. fish tail. Because the problem is. Tail the simple beauty makes it durable. Therefore turned his attention to feed half the pot. instead. But we have a simple solution. To leave the party.

Anyway, and those who are determined to feed. them feel better. If it turns out that some fish tail.

1. Because each person is in custody at a different time than you have.

Not mature enough to care. I feel like a party. So I have come to understand the nature of the fish before the fish tail Half Moon, so when the body of the fish rather than small. We also require a relatively large container. Enough to allow the fish to swim some exercise. The container sizes are fitted. Space for air to enter the water to about 1-2 inches from the mouth of a container such as a glass container jars are popular. Half Moon fish. Using a dozen size 4 * 6 * 8 “is the same size as that used in the fish. The size is not too big or too small. Save space, it’s easy to clean with.

2. Then I get a bit of culture.

Based on past experience and put a little salt in the water and put into a dozen tear with Malabar. To improve the quality of water is good. Due to the temperature of the water is very close. The benefit of a natural water source over Malabar. It will help in controlling the temperature and tannin that gives the skin a healthy fish. But some people do not like change. By soaking the leaves in water at Malabar. I then use the water to fish. I like it.

3. Replacement water. If I have more time.

I used to suck the dirt off the bottom of the dozen every day it was. Then add water to replace the same pattern will effort to scrub dozen whole, but if I have time to do the above, every 3 days or so, but have to suck water out of a lot of it. add water to make it the same. hoping that in a week you would have enough time to change the water and wash the jars to get it 100 percent.

4. Every day should be a barrier.

I have to exercise at least 2 times a day, morning and evening, or as convenient. But do not force me to take a long time. The fish will be tired and feel real. Fish the open side, if possible, before the food is good. The excretion of the fish first. To have access to the new food.

5. Feeding it with me. If it’s fresh food

Life will be good, but the food was a reasonable amount of it must be noted that the fish you eat more or less. The people who take frozen food should be careful not to fit the fish to eat it. Otherwise, the water will be fed for one day, too, because when I was a 5 seed, they will blow up the fish food, water saturated. But the win was just the fish home to Half Moon Young beautiful fish for a long time it will be a much more beautiful it is.