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It is much easier to have a cat and a dog as a pet over having fish because you have to follow certain rules of pet fish to ensure they live a long time. Small dogs and cats can take care of them as they grow, but unlike fish such as Betta fish they need whenever strict control and not only during their time eating. So if you ever plan to have a betta fish as a pet, then you need to know and you need to follow certain guidelines betta fish care, and here are the guidelines.

The first thing you need to consider in buying betta fish and have them as your pet is to know its kind. Usually, the most popular betta fish animal is Siamese fighting fish known for its beautiful colors and aggression. Now rule number 1 with Siamese fighting fish as a pet is never put two male Siamese put in a fishbowl or aquarium because they fight among themselves until they finally die, and we do not want that to happen. In the fight against female fish, the case is very different so that you can have many of them in the same tank, if you want. 

If you think it would be better to have the kind of peaceful betta fish as a pet, then you can place all of them in an aquarium, now here is our next concern – taking care of the place where the betta fish to live. If you want less animal numbers betta fish so they could live in one fish bowl, but if you like animals a lot of them so make sure you have a large aquarium for each of them, because we do not want not see bringing in a crowded place. So, you should always assume that your aquarium is quite fitting with numbers betta fish you want in it.

You must also provide all the necessary requirements for your betta fish in your aquarium like having filter and decoration in it. Filters must always be in an aquarium because they filter waste your fish maintaining cleanliness in your aquarium, even if you do not have the chance to clean yourself. Every fish owner could decide to decorative or not, but you should also know that not only serves as decorative as decoration in the aquarium, but also as a hiding place for your betta fish, so it is better to have.

joint owners Fish error is overfeed their fish, make sure that you would not do this with your betta fish because overeating is very dangerous for their health, so make it a habit to remove additional particles when your fish have enough eaten during feeding time to avoid the risk of overfeeding. Fish can live without food for a day or two and it is necessary to skip food to give them the chance to release the waste from their bodies before feeding again.

Normally we feed our fish with fish food sold, but we also give a chance for our fish to eat fresh foods such as worms and blood worms because they like to eat brown what kind of food more than food fish market. Also always maintain a constant supply for fish and constant cleaning of the aquarium to ensure good health for your betta fish.

Want your pet betta fish last longer? Get all the information right here on how petting a betta fish betta fish care.

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